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The Seven Steps To A Turnaround

If you’re looking for a message that is full of hope and inspiration backed with practical strategies and a simple action plan, then “The Seven Steps To A Turn Around” is the right message and Columbus Copeland is certainly the right person to deliver the message.

Whether you’re looking for someone to deliver a keynote address or to empower your staff, students or congregation, this message can be tailored to fit your specific needs as this is an applicable and significant dialogue so befitting to today’s world. This message is geared to people who’re facing challenges and going through the storms of life; no matter what the challenge, personal, professional, or financial, after hearing this life changing message, they will walk away with a renewed sense of hope and personal empowerment.

Copeland also shares his personal testimony of overcoming being homeless; sharing his journey as for an entire year he lived with friends and family members. Four years later by the grace of God, hard work, persistence and with a plan of action, he achieved his goal that he set while homeless, and that was to have a house build from the ground up.

In Columbus Copeland, you have someone that not only can deliver the message but an individual who has also lived the message. Delivering his transformational message with power and humor, your audience will be enlightened, empowered and entertained.  More importantly they will walk away changed by the Seven Steps To A Turn Around.

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