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“Columbus Copeland’s Empowerment Workshops are outstanding. His messages of determination and purpose will electrify any audience.  Mr. Copeland’s inspirational and high energy delivery will surely wake up the call to action in pursuit of one’s goals and dreams.”

-Sheila Q. Funderburke
Vice-President, Workforce Development
Urban League of Central Carolinas, Inc.

Mr. Copeland,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop at the Urban League on last week.  You gave some good information, and made me take a look my attitude towards work and people. I was so enamoured with what I learned, I have been using my notes from the workshop to coach my employees. I just regret that I did not get the opportunity to attend all of last week's sessions. As you continue to spread your gift of empowerment, remember that you are making a difference in the lives of those who are lucky enough to be in one of your sessions. Thanks for the encouragement!

Libbie Strong
Supervisor, PSNC Energy
Lowell Call Center

“Energizing” and “inspiring” are words audiences use to describe Columbus Copeland’s Empowerment Workshops.  Beyond theory and straight to action planning and goal setting is what his messages motivate listeners to do.

Vickie Murillo, Principal
Northeast High School
Kansas City, Missouri School District

"'Creating and Developing My Own Way' is an invaluable educational resource. This book is filled with exhilarating activities, realistic scenarios and noteworthy success strategies designed to foster extraordinary levels of personal achievement for anyone. If you are in the business of empowering others, this book is a must!"

-- Anita P. Davis, Ph.D, Director
Visions, An Educational Talent Search Program
President, Flight of the Spirit

"I attended Mr. Copeland's seminar on 'The Seven Steps to Making it Happen.' I walked out of there with a new sense of worth and a plan to make it all happen. His approach is unique because he has lived it, so he knows first-hand how to make it work!"

--Donna Mitchell

"I was having trouble in school with the other kids bullying me. A friend of my Aunt's gave me Mr. Copeland's book 'What is so Funny About Teasing?' and it changed my life. This book opened my eyes and empowered me to stand on my own two feet. I'm not afraid to go to school anymore and I have a new outlook on life."

--Jamar L.