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Columbus Copeland, Author of “The Art Of Overcoming” Workplace and Life Strategies, knows a lot about overcoming. He travels throughout the country delivering electrifying keynote speeches to companies, businesses, organizations, colleges, and faith based programs. In Copeland, you will find someone who has lived what he teaches, and has practiced what he preaches. Having weathered tumultuous storms of his own, he does not merely offer his audience and readers yet another fleeting feel good moment in his speaking and writing but genuine strategies and solutions for the real challenges they face in all aspects of their lives.


Columbus Copeland, told the audience at "Keeping the Dream Alive" that "when you have a dream and a goal, you must run on ahead." Read More

Columbus has committed the past thirty years of his life to serving, empowering, inspiring and uplifting people. He did not have far to look for guidance and role models because he was reared in a household where his parents placed an enormous emphasis on self-sufficiency and serving others. He is quick to credit his parents, the late Johnny Lee and Janie Mae Copeland, for his success, often stating, “All that I am and inspire to be, I owe to my parents”.

After graduating from college in 1984, he began his journey in the human development field with The South Carolina Employment Security Commission in Newberry, South Carolina. While there, he received valuable experience working with the Job Training Partnership Act (J.T.P.A) Program, assisting hundreds of individuals obtain employment and complete job training. Perhaps his proudest accomplishment was in the area of Adult Literacy. Through a collaborative partnership with Newberry College, Copeland was instrumental in creating one of the most successful Adult Literacy programs in the State of South Carolina.

In 1995, Copeland transitioned into the arena of inspirational speaking and personal development training; designing programs to empower disenfranchised individuals receiving welfare, living in public housing, etc. Currently, many of these individuals are homeowners, GED recipients, high school graduates, college graduates and business owners.

Today, Columbus frequently travels throughout the country delivering electrifying keynote speeches and providing staff development training for companies, organizations, businesses, colleges, job training and faith based programs. He is also the author of seven books.

In 2014, Inspirational Speaker, Columbus Copeland received the prestigious IAWP Citation Award, one of the highest honors presented to individuals or groups by the IAWP. The first recipient of this award was US Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, in 1948. Under the pre-2000 award criteria, two U.S. Presidents (Harry S. Truman and John F. Kennedy), numerous U.S. Senators and Representatives, notable employers, educators and media personalities, as well as high-ranking government officials from both the US and abroad also received this honor.

Receiving the prestigious IAWP Citation Award, Copeland states, “First, I thank God for continuously bestowing bountiful blessings upon me, and I want to thank my family, friends and clients for the love, support and encouragement they have shown me over the years. As a child, I suffered from a speech impediment, severe stuttering problem. For much of my childhood and early adulthood, I was terrified of talking, not to mention public speaking, no matter the size of the group. The highway which leads to my success is paved in both pleasure and pain. I never imagine someone mentioning my name with the likes of U.S. Presidents, such as Kennedy and Truman. I am truly humbled and grateful to God and the North Carolina selection committee for receiving the Prestigious Citation Award”.

In 2010, he received another prestigious award, “The Key to the City”, from Abbeville, South Carolina, and in 2011 established the Coach Bobby Brock Legacy Foundation in his hometown, paying tribute to his former high school basketball coach. The foundation uses basketball as a platform to prepare local middle and high school boys for the future, along with honoring former basketball players for their outstanding individual accomplishments to Clinton High School basketball during Coach Bobby Brock’s era.

Columbus attended Emmanuel Jr. College in Franklin Springs, GA, which is now a four year institution, on a full basketball scholarship. He graduated from Evangel College, in Springfield, Mo. He is a member of the Emmanuel College Alumni National Board of Directors. Columbus currently resides in Charlotte, NC and has one adult son, Matthias Copeland.

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